One of the hot industry trends right now is the movement towards phones and tablets, but many existing corporate websites right now look terrible on those platforms. There are a lot of corporate developers with experience developing on the Microsoft platforms, and MVC in particular. The ASP.NET MVC 4 Framework is the latest in the evolution of Microsoft’s ASP.NET platform, and it contains many new features, including the ability to add some features to support mobile devices.

In this book, you will learn how to build on your existing MVC skills and leverage those new features to create websites using an Adaptive View Design pattern so that they will adapt to the type of device that the user is browsing with, whether that device is a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, and deliver appropriately formatted web pages that look great on each device!

MVC4 RTM Version News: See the Updates page for more information!

What you will learn:

Here are some of the topics that this book will cover:
  1. You will learn how designing for a mobile device is different than a desktop design
  2. You will learn how to use MVC to generate a website that will adapt to our user's devices and return multiple views from the same code base
  3. You will learn how jQuery.Mobile integrates into the MVC programming model
  4. You will learn how to customize the layout templates for MVC so they will be optimized for use on a mobile device
  5. You will learn how to use special tags on your fields so they will show up properly on a mobile device
  6. You will learn how you can apply most of these techniques to your existing MVC3 projects
  7. You will see how using a recipe can greatly enhance your productivity

About the Author:

Lyle Luppes has been developing applications for over 25 years now, starting on mainframes and AS/400’s, then moving to client-server and Windows applications, and then on to web development. After working at very large companies and very small consulting firms, he started his own business in 2000, doing just about everything from building servers to wiring networks to being the Database Administrator. He enjoys doing a wide variety of tasks, but likes pure creative development the best. Lyle has taught classes at corporations and at the college level and has mentored many developers along the way, and now that his kids are grown and out of the house, he’s looking for new opportunities to share what he has learned.

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