Updated Chapter 4

The first edition of the book "Delivering Mobile-Friendly WebSites With MVC4" was built around the MVC4 Beta release. On May 31, 2012, Microsoft released the VS2012 Release Candidate and MVC4 Release Candidate. On August 15, 2012, Microsoft released the final VS2012 RTM Version and the MVC4 RTM Version.

With each of these releases came a few changes. With regards to my book, there are relatively few breaking changes. The Bundling and Minification section in Chapter 4 have changed, and the Recipe feature found in the Beta Release is totally gone now.

This short republication of Chapter 4 was for those of you that bought the first version of the book. Thank you for your support!

For those of you that haven't purchased the book yet, hopefully this chapter will whet your appetite and you'll head out to Amazon and purchase it. This chapter is just an appetizer – the main course is still out there waiting for you.

All I ask in return for this PDF is your name and email address. Thanks!

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