Developers all have an opinion on the topic: “What’s the best way to develop an application?” There are many competing platforms available now, with a new release of MVC5 leading the pack. But do we need the power of MVC5 now that we can create single page applications using just Notepad with one hand tied behind our back?

In this book, you’ll learn how Visual Studio, ASP.NET, and MVC5 stay relevant in this brave new world of single page applications, providing an awesome framework to leverage your existing development skills. Even if you don’t use a complete Single Page Application framework, you can leverage some of the techniques used by these frameworks to make your MVC5 and WebAPI applications have a lighter footprint, run faster, look smoother, and perform better than ever before.

What you will learn:

Here are some of the topics that this book will cover:
  1. You will learn how to use Single Page Techniques in your MVC4/MVC5 applications
  2. You will see how increase the speed of your website with some very minor changes

About the Author:

Lyle Luppes has been developing applications for over 25 years now, starting on mainframes and AS/400’s, then moving to client-server and Windows applications, and then on to web development. After working at very large companies and very small consulting firms, he started his own business in 2000, doing just about everything from building servers to wiring networks to being the Database Administrator. He enjoys doing a wide variety of tasks, but likes pure creative development the best. Lyle has taught classes at corporations and at the college level and has mentored many developers along the way, and now that his kids are grown and out of the house, he’s looking for new opportunities to share what he has learned.

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